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Whereabouts unknown Part 4/6(?)

Title: Whereabouts unknown Part 4/6(?)

Disclaimer: I, goldwolfz do not own Common Law. Please don't replicate my work without permission; I worked really hard on this.

Warnings: Pg-13 for languge

Summary: Travis and Wes went to check a rumor going around about how Dr.Willburns created drink to restore one's youth. Hours had passed since the two of them were last seeing.

A/n: This chapter tells you, who the two small pools of bloods from the first chapter of my story belong to.

Sutton walks into the DNA lap. “What do you have for me” asked Sutton.

“The two pools of blood found at Dr. Willburns house didn’t belong to either Travis or Wes”, said James.

“Then who does the blood belong to” Sutton asks, James.

“One of the pools of blood belongs to John Willburns, Dr. Willburns husband” said James.

“The other blood of pool, belongs to Aaron Willburns her three-year old son” said James.

~Meanwhile with Travis and Wes~

"What the hell's going"? Wes calls out in a surprise voice.

Travis turns around to answer his partner.“I don’t know” Travis says to Wes.

Wes for the first time since waking up noticed that he and Travis had shirked to the sizes of children.

“Twavis” Wes calls out to his partner.

“Yes”, Travis answers.

“Whewe awe we” Wes asks Travis.

“Umm I not suwe” Travis tells Wes.

Wes stands up.

“Com on let look awound” Wes says to Travis pulling on his arm.

“No, I staying wight hewe” Travis says to Wes.

“Twavis com on” Wes says pulling hard on Travis arm.

“Fine” Travis yells finely stand up.

Wes and Travis look around for a light switch in the dark room.

“I found it” Wes calls out to his partner.

Travis looks around in the darkness for Wes. “Whewe you at” Travis calls back to Wes.

“Follow my voice” Wes says.

Travis starts to follow his partner voice.

“I still can’t fin..Travis started to say when he crash into Wes.

“Never mind” Travis says on top of Wes.

“Get off me” Wes yells at Travis.

“Oh sowwy”, Travis says while get off his smaller partner.

“Help me up you dumbass” Wes, yells at Travis.

Travis helps Wes up.

Wes brushes the dry off his cloths.

“I can’t weach the switch” Wes tells Travis.

“Let me” Travis says walking up to where the light switch was.

Standing on his tripper toes, he reaches up for the switch.

“I can’t weach it” Travis says pout.

“Get on youw hands and knees” Wes tells his partner.

“Why do, I have to” Travis asks.

“Because, I said so” Wes answers Travis.

“Who died and make you boss” Travis asks Wes.

“Quiet waste time Travis” Wes yells.

“Fine” Travis yells while getting on his hands and knees below the light switch.

Wes climes up onto Travis back, so he could reach the light switch.

“Huwwy up Wes youw stawting to get heavy”says Travis.

“I going as fast as, I can Wes tells Travis while reaching for the light switch.

Finally Wes turns on the light switch after what seem like hours which only took a few minutes.

Hops off of Travis back to the ground below, Wes starts to look around the brighten room.

Spotting a window at the other side of the room, Wes starts to walk toward it.

A/n: What do you guys think so far good or bad? Let me know. Next update will be July 13. Please review.


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