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Whereabouts unknown Part 6/?

Title: Whereabouts unknown Part 6/?

Disclaimer: I, goldwolfz do not own Common Law. Please don't replicate my work without permission; I worked really hard on this.

Warnings: Pg-13 for languge

Summary: Travis and Wes went to check a rumor going around about how Dr.Willburns created drink to restore one's youth. Hours had passed since the two of them were last seeing.

A/n: Here the next chapter, sorry for the late update. I’ve been stuck on what to write about, but anyway here the new chapter for my fic Whereabouts Unknown. Thanks for all the review guys.  I hope to see more from you on what you guys think so far.  Hope you guys enjoy it! : D

After their argument early that day, Travis had storm off towards the close window Wes had been tiring to open early.

Wes had come up beside Travis and tips him on the shoulder to get his attitude.

Travis turns his head to look at his partner. “What Wes”? Travis asked his partner who was standing beside him.

Wes opens his mouth to tell Travis that he spots something on the other side of the room, which could help them get the window open.

 Wes had just storm off towards said object. He glares back over his shoulder to see if his partner was following him. Wes frown when he knows Travis isn’t following him.

“Twavis”? Wes asked his partner, who was still standing by the window.

Travis looks towards the area where his partner had walked off to.

“Twavis get youw ass ovew hewe” Wes yells.

















“Fine” Travis shouting, gives up on arguing with his partner.

He walked towards said area where his partner was standing at right now.

Wes turned towards Travis who was now standing next to him and point at thing in front of him.

Travis looks to where his partner was pointing and spotting the giant chair in front of them.

“What do you want me to do” Travis asked him.

“You take the fwont of the chaiw and pull it towawds the window ovew thewe” Wes said point to the window on the other side of the room.

“Kay” said Travis walking closer to the chair in front of them, but stop when Wes shouting out in pain.

Travis stops where he was and turns around to face his partner.

  Wes stood there chew on his bottom lip holding on to the thing Travis had just step on moment ago.

“You… step… on… my…tail” Wes said in between sobs, holding said tail in his small hands.

“Wait, I have a tail”? Wes shouting out in confuses.

He looks up at Travis in shocked and stares back down at his tail he was holding.

“I have a tail Twaivs” Wes tells him hold out the said tail to show his partner it.

“I alweady know that” said Travis.

“What do you mean you alweady know that” Wes asked his partner.

Travis stood there in slighting looking at his partner in front of him.

Wes frowns and looked Travis straight into his eyes.

Travis stares back at him.

“You also have eaws on the top youw head” Travis said to his partner.

Wes touch the top of his head to feel for this ears Travis was talking about.

Wes had quickly removed his hand off the top of his head when he felt the ears.

“I have a tail and eaws too” said Travis all of a sudden.

                                        ~Two hours later~

It had taking up to 2 hours, before Wes and Travis were finally able to move the giant chair over to the window on the other side of the room.

Travis was the first one to climb on top of the giant chair that was below the window in front of them.

Travis looked outside trying to find a clued to where they were being held at.

He notches a lot of sand souring the area around them and lots of water too.

“What do you see Twavis” asked Wes.

Travis looks down at his partner in front of him.

Travis let out a sign before answer his partner question.

“Iseelotsofsandandwatewtoo” Travis said in a really fast voice to Wes.

“Huh”? , said Wes in a confess tone.

“What did you say Twavis” asked Wes.

“Iseelotsofsandandwatewtoo” Travis said to his partner again really fast.

“Slow down Twavis I can’t undewstand a singew wowd youw saying” shouting Wes.

“I… said….I… sees… lot… of …sand…. and…. lots…. of ….watew …..too” Travis said really slowly, so his partner could understand him.

A/n: So there you have the locating of where the two are. Oh, I also put a side of effect of the youth drink. The sides of effects are cat ears and a tail. I’m not sure what it calls when a person has cat ears and a tail. Can some tell me what their called please?  Please review.

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That was really cute - I can only imagine Wes' face when he realized he had a tail. Love that Travis is all, "Oh, and by the way, you have ears, too..."

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