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Whereabouts unknown Part 7/?

Title: Whereabouts unknown Part 7/?

Disclaimer: I, goldwolfz do not own Common Law. Please don't replicate my work without permission; I worked really hard on this.

No Warnings

Summary: Travis and Wes went to check a rumor going around about how Dr.Willburns created drink to restore one's youth. Hours had passed since the two of them were last seeing.

A/n: So, here the next chapter to my fic whereabouts unknown. Hope you guys enjoy it! J


Kate and Amy were sitting down at their desks looking through the case file of the case; Travis and Wes were work on before they disappear.  

Kate looks up from her stacks of paper and leaned back in her chair.

She lets out a fussed sigh.

 Amy turns to look at her partner; “fine anything yet”.

Kate shook her head.

“Did you”? , asks Kate.

“No” said Amy.

“When be at this for 36 hours straight now and still don’t have a clue to where they are”, Amy said slum her fists down on her desk.

“I going to go get a cup of coffee, do you want anything”, Kate asked her partner while sitting up from her chair.

Amy looks up at her partner from the work speared out on her desk.

“A cup of coffee two creams and two sugars” said Amy.

“Alright, I’ll be back in half an hour” said Kate.

Kate had pulled her coat off the back of her chair; put it on before she walked out of the building.

                                 ~Meanwhile over at Alex’s house~

Sitting alone in her bedroom, Alex sat on her bed looking at a picture of Travis and Wes.

 She had spent the past 36 hour since they disappear of what could of happen.

She wonders if they were still alive or if they had been kill off.

If they were still out there somewhere than where could they be at and if they had been killed than what happen to their bodies than.

She wonders if they were lying somewhere dead or injure in a ditch.

Alex sat there on her bed thinking about all the different times of thing that could of happen to them.


Emma Ryan was in the middle of a session when all of a sudden a lot ring started.

Dr. Ryan looks over at the spot where Travis and Wes sat at during these sessions.  

Dr. Ryan was about to letch the boys on keep their rings tone on low during therapy.

The minute, she was about letch them on the matter about their phone.  

She remembers that Travis and Wes weren’t there right now.

Dr. Ryan had forgotten that, they had disappeared while working on a case.

They had been missing for 36 hours now.

So if the ring was from the two detective’s phone than were was it coming from?

 Dr. Ryan looked around at each of the couples asks them who phone was.

Each couples had taking phone checking see if it was one of theirs.

They all put their phones away when they were sure the ring hadn’t come from one their phones.

Dr. Ryan had then deices to check her phone pulling out of her pocket.

She flip open phone find a missed called from Alex.

Dr. Ryan made sure to turn phone vibrate before putting away.

She would have to call Alex back once her session was over with.

A/n: No Travis or Wes this chapter. Next chapter will be long then this. I won’t be update for awhile so, let me know how you guys think Travis and Wes should escape from the beach house? Please Review. J

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Kind of a sad chapter with everyone missing Travis and Wes, but that's not a bad thing, either. :)

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