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[Common Law Fic]: Ware about's unknown Part 1/?

Title: Ware about's unknown Part 1/?

Disclaimer: I, goldwolfz do not own Common Law. Please don't replicate my work without permission; I worked really hard on this.

Warnings: Non at the moment it.

Summary: Travis and Wes went to check a rumor going around about how Dr.Willburns created drink to restore one's youth. Hours had passed since the two of them were last seeing.

Dr. Ryan had called Captain Sutton telling him that Travis and Wes didn't show up. He called around to find out where his two best detectives disappear to. No one had been seeing the two of them since that morning.

They were called out on a case to do with a mad scientist. The suspect name was Dr. Alison Will burns. There was a rumor going around that Dr. Willburns had created a drink that could restore one's youth.

 Travis and Wes went to check out the rumor to see if it was the truth. That had been around four hours ago, and they still haven't returned yet.

Captain Sutton was starting to worry about the two idiots. He called Wes ex-wife Alex up to see if she knew where they were at.

Alex had told him that she hadn't been seeing or heard from Wes at all today. He checked everywhere he could think of to find them, but couldn't find them anywhere.

 He sent some detectives to the address were Travis and Wes had gone to. When they got to the address of the place, one of the officers saw Wes's car.

The officer clears his throat loudly to get the other's attention. The other officers turned around to look at the young detective and wait for him to speak.

Officer Ray told them that Officer Mitchell's car was still here he pointed to where the thing was. They turned to see that the guy was right there was Wes's car abandon in front of the place.

 Walking up to where the vehicle was parked, they looked for evidence to help them get some clue to where Travis and Wes were. Officer Ray when to check out, Dr. Willburns office for clues to help them out.

 The room smell of blood was the first thing Officer Ray notice when he walked into Dr. Willburns office.

Looking around for were the surround of the smell was coming from; he spotted blood on the rag. Walking over to the rag, he saw two small blood pools.

A/n: Where are Travis and Wes, whose blood is that in Dr. Willburns office, what happen at Dr. Willburns place? What do you think happening to them? I would love your guy's ideas of what you want to happen to them. Please review.

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Nice start! And I have no idea where the two of them could possibly be. :)

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